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Liberal minister threatens: Public transportation to run on Shabbat

“The days of siege on the weekend in Israel have ended.”

Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli has said that she will ensure there is public transportation for those who want it on the Jewish Sabbath.

“I have no doubt that we will reach agreements that will allow every Israeli true freedom of movement every day of the week,” she said in an interview aired on the Hebrew website Ynet.

She said that there will be a light rail running through the Center of Israel.

“The red line is scheduled to open November 2022. We have a year to work on agreements,” Michaeli said. “The days of siege on the weekend have ended in Israel have ended.”

Michaeli is the leader of Israel’s left-wing Labor Party.

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Byron Scherer 23:59 23.11.2021
Honor he who is truth on all days. . As was his custom on the sabbath Jesus went to synagogue an stood to read the word oof Essias.luke 4:16
Martin Martin 11:31 23.11.2021
Polluting the shabbat has NEVER worked out for the Jewish people. Or anybody else for that matter. I doubt Elohim will make an exception this time.
Rhoda Wright 08:15 23.11.2021
I pray that she is right .
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