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After 3 meetings with Bennett - MK Auerbach proposes a new government

"Rebel" MK Auerbach from Bennett's party, Yamina,  proposed supporting the dissolution of the Knesset in advance and the establishment of an alternative right-wing government

The MK from 'Yamina', who in the background of his threats to resign from the coalition met twice today with the prime minister, is considering implementing a move that would prevent Lapid from serving as transitional prime minister. 

The purpose of the move: to enable the establishment of a right-wing government in the current Knesset. If the move is not successful, it will support the dissolution of the Knesset in the second and third readings, which would bring new elections.

Photo: Reuven Castro

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La Jun 03:34 13.06.2022
Look like shaking is coming to the Knesset. What is the Sign? Earthquake. Just Watch. Netanyahu is the Rightful Leader