09:01 PM 02:01 PM EST JUN 3, 2023 JLM 66°F
Israeli anti-aircraft equipment will be installed in NATO fighter jets

The Israeli company Elbit Systems was chosen to supply electronic warfare (EW) devices for the self-defense of fighter jets of NATO member states.

As part of the contract, Elbit Systems will provide the aircraft with an electronic warfare package for self-defense, which includes radar warning receivers (RWR) and countermeasures systems (CMDS).

The RWR system accurately detects a wide variety of enemy threats, even in a dense electronic warfare environment, enabling reliable and timely warnings to the aircrew, and automatic or manual CMDS response.

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Peter Palagonia 23:35 18.03.2023
It's a tractor within the countries . I wouldn't sell out the whole populace.
Dalya Horowitz 13:15 17.03.2023
These countries are such hypocritics. Demonize Israel for defending herself but know Israel defense is best in the world.
Anthony Bowker 04:13 17.03.2023
🇮🇱 : )