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Israeli Inventor’s Stand-Up ‘Wheelchair’ Opens Up World of Possibility

Inventor Dr. Amit Goffer spent almost 20 years sitting in a wheelchair, but his ingenuity led to a new stand-up mobility device that is opening up new horizons for millions of people across the globe.

Israeli Dr. Amit Goffer is an entrepreneur and inventor who has been making headlines for a device he created that will liberate people throughout the world currently confined to a wheelchair.

His UpnRide mobility device “gives users the freedom to sit, stand and travel in an upright position,” reported Israeli tech site NoCamels.

He says his wife cried when she first saw him using the device. He broke his neck driving an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) in 1997, losing the use of both legs and some movement in his arms.

Image - UpnRide

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Emma Davidson 03:31 30.11.2022
The whole world is in debt to the Israeli people for all the inventions in every field. Israeli people are awesome. I stand with Israel 100%. They are the choosen ones.
Phillip Avalos 02:25 30.11.2022
Wow that Awesome!!👏 ✡️✡️🇮🇱🇮🇱