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Avi Issacharoff: Ofer Ohana treated me as a medic when I was wounded in Hebron

Avi Issacharoff (who was a soldier in the elite unit "Duvdevan" and is co-writer for the hit TV show "Fauda") said that he is praying for the healing of medic Ofer Ohana. "Many Israelis and Palestinians owe him their lives".

The commentator on Arab affairs and who also wrote the series "Fauda" Avi Issacharoff prays for the recovery of the rescuer Ofer Ohana who was seriously injured yesterday in the murderous attack in Kiryat Arba.

"Praying for the speedy recovery of Ofer Ohana, the medic who was injured last night in an attack near Kiryat Arba," Issacharoff wrote on Twitter.

"Many years ago, Ofer took care of me as a medic during the incidents in Hebron. And many people, Israelis and Palestinians, owe him their lives," he added.

Source: INN 


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David Dangcil 12:36 30.10.2022
Take your pagan dead mangod and stay away from Israel!
Elsie DeLuca 12:04 30.10.2022
May this Precious man be healed in The Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.
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