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Iranian commanders practiced firing missiles in the Syrian desert were eliminated

At the end of September, the website Natziv.net reported that the Iranian militias operating in eastern Syria near the border with Iraq had introduced medium-range and short-range ballistic missiles into the area, some of which could hit targets in Israeli territory.

Military experts who examined the material wondered whether the missiles, along with their launchers, were aimed at firing at American targets in northern Syria and Iraq or whether it was aimed at Israel.

During the month of October, Iranian militias and their weapons and ammunition depots in the area were attacked several times by unidentified aircraft, causing them to switch locations and remove weapons systems from their entrances and move them to other hiding places.

Tonight, a "slightly different" attack was apparently carried out.

Fragmented reports coming from the Al-Bukhamal region of eastern Syria show that Iranian targets were attacked by unidentified aircraft.

Subsequently, more reports were received that further clarified the picture.

Commanders of 2 Iraqi militias that dealt with the transfer of rocket weapons from Iraq to Syria were attacked, as well as 2 cars in which 3 senior commanders from these militias were traveling and they were apparently eliminated.

Syrian sources know to tell that the attack was carried out during a missile-firing attempt by these militias in the Syrian desert.

The attack apparently thwarted preparations for rocket fire at American or Israeli targets.

Other reports suggest that many US-led international coalition aircraft have been operating non-stop in the region's skies for some time.


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