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Gantz: 'The war will continue deep in enemy territory'

National Unity leader Benny Gantz promised that the war would expand farther into both Hamas and Hezbollah's territory to ensure that Israelis could return home safely.

“Just before Shabbat, I want to say a few words to you, residents of the south and north who are far from your homes - we are committed to letting you return home safely.”

“To the residents of the south, who yesterday received word from the Home Front Command about the security situation and the possibilities of returning to your towns, I would like to say that we understand your concerns. October 7th seriously damaged your faith in the state, and we have a responsibility to you to restore it through action. This will take time, and for that reason, the war will continue. In the future, we will operate deep within enemy territory, and not along the border.”

“We will protect towns with additional forces and find Hamas terrorists wherever they are. We will be in Rafah, deep within enemy territory, and not stop until we have removed the threat and recovered the hostages.”

“The choice if and when to return is yours. The state will support every family or community in making the right decision for itself. We will give them all the usual civil services. It is our responsibility, as leaders, to provide security and resilience. All of Israel's leadership stands behind all of the instructions given.”

He moved on to addressing the residents of the north. “I promise that we will not stop fighting until you can return. We are pursuing political and military action. Hezbollah has already been pushed away from the border and we are waiting for the day of reckoning in which we will need to expand our operations. I intend to promote a plan to reinforce the north immediately, as promised. We will invest over the next few years in developing the north and south in an unprecedented manner. That is what is needed right now. We are thinking of you, residents of the south and north. We know how strong your communities are, and along with all of Israel, we will build, be built, and be victorious.”


Source: INN. 

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[Anonymous] 14:12 04.03.2024
And THEN HE goes to America! Not sure about his true allegiance
Steve Jensen 03:56 03.03.2024
Israel, this time give your citizens automatic weapons, protective vests, & lot’s 30 round magazines to protect themselves rather than leave them to be trapped & murdered in ‘safe houses’.
Ladi Hernández 01:19 03.03.2024
Lisa Jayne 09:36 24.02.2024
🇮🇱💙victory !
[Anonymous] 04:31 24.02.2024
Good! 🇮🇱🙏🏻❤️🇮🇱🙏🏻❤️
[Anonymous] 03:57 24.02.2024
Victory is yours!!!
[Anonymous] 03:53 24.02.2024
Win !!!! ♥️🇮🇱🤍🇮🇱💙
[Anonymous] 03:35 24.02.2024
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