Palestinian Terror
Attempted attack of Molotov cocktails near Jerusalem; A terrorist was killed

IDF forces identified a squad of Molotov cocktails in the area of the tunnel road and opened fire on them. According to Palestinian reports, one of the terrorists was shot dead and the other was thwarted and arrested. This is the second incident in a day.

# Border Police # Palestinian Terror
John Tucker 14:43 15.10.2021
Islam = fighting not peace. Christianity = peace not fighting. God bless Israel.
James Morrin 10:42 15.10.2021
I would likeness mire news about Israel please and have fewer advertisements. What if I paid you money would I get fewer advertisements or adverts.
James Morrin 10:38 15.10.2021
Are those Molotov Cocktail throwers now living in Europe or North America?
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