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Poll: Israelis think social tensions worse since Bennett

Less than a third of respondents say they would vote for the same party they supported in the March 2021 elections, survey finds.

The majority of Israelis believe that tensions within Israeli society have worsened over the past year. This relates both to Israelis who voted for coalition parties and to those who voted for parties in the opposition, according to a new survey.

As reported by The Times of Israel
Image source: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

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santa claus 14:01 07.06.2022
The Antichrist is here and in charge one darkness world order so stick your head between your legs and kiss your a s s goodbye
La Jun 13:49 07.06.2022
TBH... Bennett stole Netanyahu seat just like O'Biden stole Trump seat. Bennett days in office are numbered