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WATCH: The UN Has Raised the Dead!

The UN has brought half the Palestinian women and children that Israel is accused of killing, back to life

The number of the dead and injured came to UN from Hamas terrorist controlled sources, which was accepted without proper investigation on the part of the UN.

It's no secret that the UN has a very clear bias against Israel, and this has contributed to the dramatic rise of Antisemitism all over the world.


VIDEO: Use according to Section 27 A



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R 18:27 15.05.2024
They tried to play their dirty tricks on Israel but it didn't work. The UN, Hamas and all like them can get a one way ticket to Hell!
Lamko Cecile 16:16 15.05.2024
[Anonymous] 15:11 15.05.2024
I guess it is then a half genocide
Jacob Walanjatil 14:59 15.05.2024
Dismantle the UN like the league of Nations during the 2nd World war. Good for thieves and robbers. Shame,Shame and shame.
Gary Rush 14:54 15.05.2024
Very interesting,they were lying all along see now the controversy
[Anonymous] 14:51 15.05.2024
They weed resurrected
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