9/11: 20 years
Opinion | Twenty years later, despite separatism, the United States is still leading the fight against global terrorism

20 years since the biggest terrorist attack of then all in the Twin Towers. The United States is still the most powerful power in the fight against terrorism, but nowadays it does so from a distance. Less 'boots on the ground'.

None of the perpetrators of the massive 9/11 terrorist attack 20 years ago survived. They all perished in the fiery steel and concrete of the burning and melting towers. They cannot be investigated. But they managed to strike a very deep blow to the heart and heart of all that the United States of America stands for.

A terror attack in the heart of New York, the capital of the world, the capital of finance and business and global capitalism. A terrorist attack on the Pentagon, the heart of American "militarism." The destruction of the twins, two huge towers, about a hundred stories high, are symbols of American economic success.

Despite the criticism: USA is still a World Power

Is it possible to say that the US is currently leading the global fight against terrorism? Convergence and separatism do not bode well. But it must be remembered: to the free and democratic world America is still a leader in military, industrial and technological power. The evil in the Middle East, which is like terrorism, would not be possible without the United States.

The segregation and deployment of US military forces is also not absolute. Fact: There are huge American bases in the Gulf, in Iraq there is still a US military presence, US military bases in Europe are close, as a few hours flight distance. With Italy, with Greece, and also with the air and sea arms of the IDF.

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Leo Aguilar 15:15 11.09.2021
It may appear that we're leading that fight, but the Biden fiasco is actually being run by Obama, who IS a jihadi! He is on terrorists side!
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