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Israel to Administer 3rd Vaccine Shot August 1

Director-General of the Health Ministry Prof. Nachman Ash instructed Thursday the country’s HMOs to begin vaccinating ages 60 and up with the third Covid-19 shot on August 1.

The Health Ministry decided to allow the third dose 5 months after the second.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is expected to deliver a statement later in the day about the third vaccine shot.

Concluding a meeting with Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz and Health Ministry officials, the Israeli premier said that the plan of the new vaccine drive will be completed today.

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Judith Wilkerson 14:12 29.07.2021
It’s wonderful we got vaccinated. It’s temporary but are flu shots.Those that take flu shots are saving lives w/Covid shots. If you choose not to take the vaccine don't discourage others.
13:06 29.07.2021
Will there be a 4th vaccine too? How about 5th …….?
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