Palestinian Terror
7 Years Since the Jerusalem Har Nof Synagogue Terror Attack

7 years ago, two Palestinian terrorists entered a synagogue during morning prayers in Har Nof, in Jerusalem, and brutally slaughtered the praying congregants with axes, knives, and a gun. They murdered five Israelis including a heroic Druze police officer, who died taking down the terrorists. 

A sixth Israeli succumbed to his wounds from the attack almost a year later. This was one of the bloodiest and most horrific terrorist attacks Israel has ever seen. 

Today, we remember those who were murdered. May their memories be a blessing.

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DanielMartin Corral 00:58 19.11.2021
observed you doing good or bad with out any warning and made His judgement on Yall too. wouldn't yell like to be accepted too? or do you rather to keep denying Him to protect your wallet...? The
DanielMartin Corral 00:55 19.11.2021
choice: be wize and don't anger Yahshua any more by Never denying Him, see He said He would return like a Thieff in the night at an unknownst hour, being some one you may never have suspected and
DanielMartin Corral 00:52 19.11.2021
But now the biggest Religion in the world bears who's name: So you : Jewish man and woman, all Yisraelites beloved always, like all Humanity/Mankind/People on the face of this Earth you have only one
DanielMartin Corral 00:48 19.11.2021
in the day of Jesus by action of force: fighting for their independance, was quelled and razed murdering most rebels. They also denied Jesus system of Love and "turning the other cheek"
DanielMartin Corral 00:44 19.11.2021
game in the last sec. What is the worth of being the chosen, gifted, selected for a great future, if we deny Yahweh's way of causing that great future to happen. The Yewish revolt 'gainst the Romans
DanielMartin Corral 00:41 19.11.2021
prescribed Festivals and Holy Days, but deny His Own Son's existence, Commision/ 3 Year Ministry in Yisrael, and willing Sacrifice for ALL Humanity which will accept Him then we could loose the
DanielMartin Corral 00:38 19.11.2021
lent 89 min of a game, but slack off in the last minute, all it takes the oposition is one sec to kick the winnning field goal. If we follow the Torah to the Iyota from beginning to End attend all
DanielMartin Corral 00:36 19.11.2021
forgive the crimes= sins of Humanity. To deny that, is to deny Yahweh and the Torah themselves, and accept being an absolute idiot, totally ignorant, both and or totally wicked! If we play an excel-
DanielMartin Corral 00:32 19.11.2021
this, can be extreemelly dangerous to us all, who say plain and simply: "No it is Not True, Yahshua was Not Yahweh's sent only Son lncarnate, to die on a wretched Roman/Pharisee Cross to atone and
DanielMartin Corral 00:29 19.11.2021
ing Him becomes dobble Jeopardy: denial of our own Universal Word of Yahweh for Mankind, telling us He is sending us a Saviour, His Son, to come and save Humanity; and in 2021 still not realizing
DanielMartin Corral 00:26 19.11.2021
bad because people may have never heard the Bible= Yahweh+ Yahshua's Word. For Yewish People the situation is more complex, as are taught that a Messiah is to come and we are to wait for Him, so deny-
DanielMartin Corral 00:23 19.11.2021
modern Soap Opera, or l'd say a very revealing movie of the painful truth.,.. (5 orthographical errors so far sorry). Ignoring Yahshua's Love work and suffering by someone who is not Jewish is not as
DanielMartin Corral 00:20 19.11.2021
in using Roman soldiers and Gladiators to control the masses of unsatisfied Yisraelites. Betrayal in two ways, riping the people off, and using heathens Romans to do it. Major scam worthy of a
DanielMartin Corral 00:17 19.11.2021
-s Good Wellfare, or betterment in all areas commun to People: Men and Women under their leadership and sometimes only support. As in the case of the Pharisees no one loved them anymore so they
DanielMartin Corral 00:14 19.11.2021
Politicians usually do, when they finally get to access a City, State, or Country's Coffers to use as they please, instead of making their Citizens Taxes really pay for what they should: Their Citizen
DanielMartin Corral 00:12 19.11.2021
etc, to upkeep the Temple and give good wellcome to the travellers visiting Yerushalem. But now greedily keeping most that money, to live more and more lavishly like most commun modern day low life
DanielMartin Corral 00:09 19.11.2021
every one else thinner. Except the Romans now guarding their illegal Sinfull corrupt Scam, as guards and " "protectors per hire" for a share of the "loot", no longer the Sacred Tithes given by Israel
DanielMartin Corral 00:06 19.11.2021
, to declare Him blasphemous against Yahweh Himself to banish Yahshua, and murder Him on the cross and continue their corrupted abominable "running" of His Temple unstoped, so they could get fater and
DanielMartin Corral 23:59 18.11.2021
with glee and excitement!!, lnstead just stated it as an irreversible truth sadly to happen in the future, at the astonishment of the debased crooked unbelieving Pharisees!! Who used that even more Hi
DanielMartin Corral 23:56 18.11.2021
stone would remain on another"!! was He in cahoots with the Romans to debase Yisrael, and have the same Temple where he met Simon many years earlier destroyed, He did not say it should be destroyed
DanielMartin Corral 23:53 18.11.2021
they were not caught in the act by Yahshua, then why would have Yahweh allowed His Own Temple destroyed by Romans, if not to make the point to all and to posterity as Yahweh said: in 70 years not one
DanielMartin Corral 23:51 18.11.2021
than anyone would have known of the time of Jesus 1st Coming, and recognized Him, but they of all people lived in the greatest sin in Yerushalem, and Jesus lit the lamp of Truth straight at them. If
DanielMartin Corral 23:48 18.11.2021
Of course the Pharisees did Not like Him or aproove His word, He talked/ revealed the truth-s, and those hurt!!, they had a sting that empeeded their scam to continue deluding Yisrael. They better
DanielMartin Corral 23:45 18.11.2021
in it-he/she!!! who instead believe in Yahweh and His sent Son, Yahshua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because he/she then looses her main weapon to dominate people (into submission)= DESCEPTION!!!
DanielMartin Corral 23:42 18.11.2021
the Pharisees, we can bypass Satan's desception: "the guilt complex" and there for liberate us and humanity as a whole from his/her wretched wicked evil grasp. It can't intrap those who dont believe
DanielMartin Corral 23:38 18.11.2021
cause us to sin against Yahweh, then telling us we are now unworthy of His Salvation and Heaven condemned to die and go to Hell, but through Yahshua's message, denied as rubbish by Herods accomplicees
DanielMartin Corral 23:35 18.11.2021
lady in peril. Humanity is that lady or person in Peril and Satan is the one trying to stab he/ him to death!!! By deception he or she tries to
DanielMartin Corral 23:32 18.11.2021
It is like ignoring the murder of a lady screaming and screaming over and over for help! When we were capable of helping her survive= Saving her!! Sharing the Torah and Yahshua's Word is like saving a
DanielMartin Corral 23:30 18.11.2021
the ball" = the Responsibility or actually the Honor of deceminating the Good News, The Lamb Yahshua's the Saviour's Good News of Salvation IS worthy!!!
DanielMartin Corral 23:26 18.11.2021
That commission was obviously given to the Jews as Jesus Yahshua was Jewish Yaddaim an Israelite, any one who ignores this is not worthy of considering him or self chosen, and a Gentile who picks up
DanielMartin Corral 23:24 18.11.2021
but to and through the Yaddaim He gave us His Meesage-s Old and New Testaments. To share and teach them to ALL PEOPLE on Earth, not just to the Hebrews and or Romans & Greeks, or Mid Easteners only.
DanielMartin Corral 23:21 18.11.2021
murder and destroy, rape, sodomize, betray, deceive, be selfish, etc. And to the Gentiles give them judgement and punishment only, all man kind is His Creation, so all mankind is bound to His Word,
DanielMartin Corral 23:18 18.11.2021
Ignore His Words wether in the Old or New Testaments, they may get His Fury also. A wrong is a wrong done by who ever does it. Yahweh can't say okay to all my chosen Yaddaim, you can steal, cheat, lie
DanielMartin Corral 23:16 18.11.2021
excesses keep angering Yahweh to FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!, His Son has no choice to enact His fury, but it can't all go the Gentiles if there's those adhearing to His Commands, if there are lsraelites who
DanielMartin Corral 23:13 18.11.2021
so wrong, when He tried to do Humanity so much Good, Patience and the Time is His alone when He must Strike back!! if Yahweh removed all but Abraham and his Family for their excesses, and Humanities
DanielMartin Corral 23:10 18.11.2021
the viper and most reptiles, called creeping things in the Kings James Bible etc. Yet so many still indulge even though Christianity forbids it Correctly!! Patience is His only as only He was treated
DanielMartin Corral 23:08 18.11.2021
in the Torah and Bibles. The World wide mess we live in of greed and glutony can be attributed to one animal: the swine. And the wrong sense of pride and lust for wicked evil power is in the snake
DanielMartin Corral 23:04 18.11.2021
Correct their behaviour, and there is still those who choose other wize. Like calling pork Kosher, while it must never be consumed in any shape or form, nor any of the other abominable animals listed
DanielMartin Corral 23:01 18.11.2021
miss-using, Not Solomon's Temple, but YAHWEH'S TEMPLE It self!!!! No!!! He is Returning like a Lion to Destroy any one opposed to His Word. 1988 Years has Humanity had to Confess Repent Atone and
DanielMartin Corral 22:55 18.11.2021
Romans. But His Return is near, Not as a patient Lamb who suggested to Love each other and gave us His Golden Rule, healed the infirm and decried the unjust and unfair (Pharisees, etc) abusing and
DanielMartin Corral 22:51 18.11.2021
on, rejected, reviled, etc. It all happened. That the days of worship passover etc would be changed, happened by the Popes. Now some worship erroneously on the Day of the sun worshiped by the ancient
DanielMartin Corral 22:48 18.11.2021
Save Humanity in a gentle optional way, including to the extent of giving Himself up as a sacrifice on a cross was prophesied in Isayah even. He shall come as a Lamb of God, He will be derided spit
DanielMartin Corral 22:44 18.11.2021
is that word personified incarnate, as prophecy almost to the exact date in Daniel. That Jesus-Yahshua did Not show up with a Sword in , as writen He would at His 2nd coming, instead peacefully to
DanielMartin Corral 22:39 18.11.2021
not, a prerequisite to enter Heaven, it just means, that Yahweh chose Yaddaim to "carry the ball" in other words, to Keep and Disseminate His Word, His teaching and His Law to all Man Kind. Yahshua
DanielMartin Corral 22:35 18.11.2021
-y, in St Johns book Revelation or Apocalypse for Catholics in the New Testament, we have entered the 7 years of Tribulation? before His 2nd coming, Covid can be used as an example, being Jewish is
DanielMartin Corral 22:31 18.11.2021
that has been recorded in both Testaments, not just the old one. 6500 years must pass before Adam and Eve's sin can be forgiven. And according to many phrases in the Torah and Bibles versions speciall
DanielMartin Corral 22:27 18.11.2021
Old Testament Revealed!! ? It seems to those who can read between the lines as Jesus- Yahshua said, that from Genesis onwards Yahwe has been preparing us for Yahshuas second coming and all else that
DanielMartin Corral 22:22 18.11.2021
King of all Israel. But Yahshua Messiak= Jesus Christ is the only one who was is and will always be King of All the World. The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, the New Testament is the
Jeanne Ferguson 22:19 18.11.2021
Love the happy faces and peaceful eyes. The perfect ones that Muslims want to kill. God give them piece, Amen
DanielMartin Corral 22:17 18.11.2021
can be done to others, so never to be hated by anyone but always loved by all. But, there's a way to attain that status, and one not. David was a great hero curageous youngster who desserved to become
DanielMartin Corral 22:14 18.11.2021
I love Yadaim, but by their faces I can see arrogance in everyone how Sad. Jews must be kind and responsible twards others, never trying to concentrate on how much money can be made, but how much good
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