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Biden and Ukraine war starts to undermine Israeli security

The U.S. decision to strip arms stockpiles stored in the Jewish state to resupply Kiev’s forces in its deadlocked fight with Moscow is a gamechanger. Why is no one protesting?

(January 25, 2023 / JNS) For the last 11 months, Israel has sought to signal its opposition to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine while avoiding being dragged into a war that compromises its own security and interests. Threading that needle has been a difficult task, but it was an issue on which both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main political foe—Yesh Atid Party leader Yair Lapid—have been in agreement.

Nevertheless, Israel is now being made to pay a steep price for the war. The news, broken last week by The New York Times, that the U.S. is emptying the strategic reserve of arms and ammunition it has stored in Israel for Middle East emergencies, as well as for the Jewish state to draw on in the event of its being attacked, marks a turning point.

Should a conflict with either Hamas in Gaza or Hezbollah in Lebanon break out at the behest of Iran, or, in a nightmare strategic scenario, with both simultaneously, consequences for the Israel Defense Forces could be serious.

Israel has sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine, including a temporary field hospital on the Polish border when the fighting in that region was at its height. It also has taken in refugees and provided intelligence to the Ukrainians.

But with Russia occupying part of neighboring Syria and granting Israel overflight rights to strike Iranian and other terrorist targets, the Jewish state needs to avoid a conflict with Moscow. Similarly, with Russia’s remaining Jewish population essentially being hostages held by President Vladimir Putin, Israel has every reason to remain neutral.

It nevertheless should stick to its refusal to be drawn into a conflict that has unknowable consequences for its security. Biden’s helping to escalate a war that he should be trying to end won’t lead to a Ukrainian victory. What it will do, like his unsuccessful efforts to appease Iran, is make the Middle East an even more dangerous place for Israel and other U.S. allies.

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Jeanne Ferguson 02:13 26.01.2023
Biden should not take anything from Isreal. Biden is a traitor to all countries not run by Communism, Socialism or a Dictator. He will destroy us from within. Isreal ad Brittan are our only true allie
[Anonymous] 01:23 26.01.2023
Biden is a decipher and a creator of destroying others even his own country. He just cut and possibly taken senior citizens money. He enjoys destroying lives. Evil intentions..He belongs to the satan
Dean Davis 01:20 26.01.2023
Shameful ‼️
Sam Johnson 01:11 26.01.2023
That bumbling idiot’s diaper changer probably told him what to do!
[Anonymous] 01:04 26.01.2023
Sounds like the opinion was written by either a Ruskie or a Ruskie sympathizer
Jeane Frady 01:02 26.01.2023
Stupid Biden, leaving our ally in a bad position.. 🙏🙏🇳🇮🇳🇮🇺🇸🇺🇸
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