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WATCH: Trump Vows to Review Cases of Biden’s 'Political Prisoners' Who Were Targeted Pro-Life Beliefs

President Joe Biden's hate of conservatives is stronger than ever, causing former President Trump to promise Republicans he will fight tooth and nail for them.

Over the weekend, Trump announced that if elected in 2024, he will create a special task force specifically designed to review cases of Biden's "political prisoners."

During the Family Research Council's "Pray, Vote, Stand Summit" in Washington, D.C., Trump vowed to get innocent Americans out of jail for standing up for their beliefs while criminals run rampant. 

"I am announcing that the moment I win the election, I will appoint a special task force to rapidly review the cases of every political prisoner who has been unjustly persecuted by the Biden administration," Trump said. 

The former president referred to the recent convictions of five pro-life activists who prayed and gave information pamphlets outside an abortion center in D.C

Source - Townhall/X - Video source - Trump War Room/X

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20:09 18.09.2023
WooHoo! Thank you Mr. President. I hope you’ll also confiscate the lists of members of Antifa and prosecute them as well. They talk about the money they made and how much fun it was to destroy Portlan