The Iranian Threat
"Non-participation of Arab countries in negotiations with Iran does not contribute to the stability of the region"

Adel bin Abdul Rahman al-Asumi told Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper, accusing US-Europe negotiators of adopting "double standards"

The head of the Arab Parliament, the body of the Arab League, Adel bin Abdul Rahman al-Asumi, said (June 6) that the absence of Arab countries from the talks in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear program "does not serve the region."

"The current arrangements regarding the agreement with Tehran will have implications for the security and stability of the region. "Therefore, the countries concerned, and especially the Gulf states, must be present," Lasharq al-Awsat said.

He added: “The current situation does not serve either side, neither the Iranians nor the Europeans and the Americans. These negotiations are related to the fate and rights of Arab states, as the nuclear program has an impact on the security, stability and interests of the entire region. ”

He accused the negotiating parties in the US-Europe of adopting "double standards" because they did not respect the other parties, who "made sacrifices for the security of the region".

Al-Asumi also pointed to Saudi Arabia's role as King Salman bin Abdulziz in "supporting the work of the Arab parliament."

"The role of the kingdom at the level of the Arab and Islamic states seeks to protect the Arab and Gulf states from adverse effects on their security and stability," he stressed.


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