Afghanistan: ISIS-K strongholds create ‘no-go-zones’ for the Taliban

Although the Islamic State was dismantled in Iraq and the Levant region, it dispersed and has proliferated elsewhere, particularly in Africa, where it is rapidly expanding via jihad, but also in Afghanistan. 

The Islamic State — known as ISIS-K (Khorasan Province, which covers parts of both Afghanistan and Pakistan) — has now expanded to the point that “no-go zones” now exist for the Taliban. This is ironic in light of the fact that the entire concept of violent ‘no-go-zones‘ has been repeatedly dismissed by Leftists in the West.

Although the Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan, “there are areas that are a no-go zone for them, especially Nangarhar province, which is an Islamic State- Khorasan (ISIS-K) stronghold.”

The rise of ISIS-K has many worried, including China. The East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) is the terror group that China fears the most. The group now has a golden opportunity to proliferate. Based in China’s Xinjiang province, the ETIM are former Uighur separatists who are seeking an independent Islamic state. Many of them have now joined ISIS-K.

The Islamic State managed to rake in over $1.2 billion per year during the height of its expansion in Iraq and the Levant. Although there is no accurate accounting of how much is left of that money today, the group’s loyalists and affiliates continue to expand and adapt, employing the same strategies of plunder and exploitation that it used in Iraq and Syria in Africa and Afghanistan.

Everywhere jihadists go to spread the Sharia, throughout 1400 years of Islamic history, the manifestations are the same: murder, terror, human rights abuses, the persecution of religious minorities and the oppression of women. And even murder of their fellow jihadists. But anyone who notes this fact in the Western world, now dominated by woke globalists, is deemed to be “Islamophobic.”

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Howard Amonick 14:16 25.11.2021
I wonder when and how China will respond. China has plenty of military muscle, does ISIS-K?
Rhoda Wright 07:32 25.11.2021
Gee , I wonder why could it be they are very violent & like to kill ??
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