Biden begins European visit with a warning for Russia

President Joe Biden began today (Wednesday) his first trip abroad since taking office, by hailing America’s unwavering commitment to the NATO alliance and warning Russia it faced “robust and meaningful” consequences if it engaged in harmful activities.

Biden, speaking to about 1,000 troops and their families at a British air base, said he would deliver a clear message to Russian President Vladimir Putin when they meet next week after separate summits with NATO, G7 and European leaders.

"We're not seeking conflict with Russia," the Democratic president said at the start of his eight-day visit to Europe. "We want a stable and predictable relationship ... but I've been clear: The United States will respond in a robust and meaningful way if the Russian government engages in harmful activities."


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08:41 10.06.2021
Smoke and mirrors heโ€™s a joke
Darlene Grace 03:01 10.06.2021
Biden is a fake president who won't be in office much longer! His puppet master Obama controls him.
Maurice Mckinney 02:12 10.06.2021
Biden is full of lt. Do not trust him.
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