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IDF: Hamas is exploiting Islam

As part of the media campaign against Hamas, this morning Avichai Adrei publishes another tweet against Hamas: "Are the residents of Gaza a priority for Hamas and is the teachings of the Koran a method for this?

And is Islam really its religion? Of course not - those who cause the suffering and murder of innocents and destroy the houses of God "Using them and building instruments of violence in which he does not care about life, religion and God are exempt from them."

Does the article interest you?
Jesus Manuel 14:12 29.07.2022
The HOF: Household of Faith is in 3: Judaism, Catholicism & Protestantism: now, up to y3k, etc. Prevention against violent, ok due to other's hatred of 3 HOF. Thank you אמננ. USAGOP: 100% UMilitary.
Carolyn Morton 14:09 29.07.2022
What about Ben and Jerry’s