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Reporters in Gaza have never been free

Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood branch that rules Gaza, sat out this month’s conflict between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a smaller Gaza-based terrorist group tied to Iran’s rulers. However, perhaps to show it still rules the roost, Hamas issued sweeping restrictions on foreign journalists working in Gaza.

Among them: a prohibition against reporting on Gazans killed by misfired Palestinian rockets and a requirement that Israel be blamed for the battle.

In addition, Hamas ordered all foreign correspondents to employ Palestinian “sponsors” who must submit full reports on where those correspondents go, what they do and any “illogical questions” they ask.

The new rules warned that sponsors must “demonstrate national spirit, defend the Palestinian narrative and reject the foreigner’s bias to the Israeli narrative.”

Source: Washington Times

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Ann Marie 05:58 19.08.2022
Does sound like CNN. I never knew Palestinians were being killed by misfires Hamas rockets. My, my. If the Palestinian reporters were free, I wonder if truth would be reported.
Tony Pettitt 23:29 18.08.2022
Sounds like CNN
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