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NEWSRAEL "Iron Swords" News Summary: Nov. 20 - Evening

Our news summary brings you the latest IMPORTANT UPDATES that are not in our longer reports.

Here are the latest news headlines this evening that reached our news desk. The times given are Jerusalem time (GMT +2)

18:53 - Biden: I Believe the hostage deal is close

20:03 - Former BBC executor: Independent inquiry needed into BBC's antisemitic coverage

20:40 - IDF spokesman: There are 40 children in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar (Hamas military head) is the one who knows where these children are

21:03 - War in Gaza: 36th Division commander: 'Hamas terrorists constantly hide behind children and women'

21:13 - Israeli foreign ministry says recalls its ambassador from South Africa

21:13 - The US military base in Ain Al Asad was attacked about an hour ago by a suicide drone

21:14 - A cabinet meeting for the management of the war began with representatives of the families of the abductees, in Kirya in Tel Aviv.

21:20 - Attack on a house in the Nizirat refugee camp in the center of the Gaza Strip - reports of many deaths

21:35 - Attacks on houses in West Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip - there are casualties

21:40 - Anti-tank fire at the IDF force in Adami, no casualties to our forces

22:01 - This week, the president of Latvia, the prime ministers of Spain and Belgium and the foreign ministers of Great Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovenia are expected to arrive in Israel for support and identification visits.

22:12 - The horror film" was screened tonight at the United Nations, for more than 300 ambassadors and diplomats. At the beginning of the assembly, Ambassador Gilad Erdan attacked: "What is the point of the existence of the United Nations if on International Children's Day all discussions do not open with condemnation of Hamas, which is committing one of the most serious war crimes in history?"

22:13 - The President of the Red Cross met with Ismail Haniyeh in Qatar

22:39 - BREAKING: IDF has broken through the underground shafts under Shifa Hospital

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Selina 05:32 21.11.2023
IMO, the United Nations is a shameful presence on U.S. soil, and a shame, a blot, and a stain on Humanity. They are useless.
[Anonymous] 03:06 21.11.2023
I can’t believe idf would consider a ceasefire without all hostages. He is putting the Israel more at risk with a ceasefire for hostages he doesn’t even know alive. Should be all or no deal.
William Beers 02:42 21.11.2023
I wonder how many hostages are really alive? Most may be dead. If 241 taken but Hamas talks about releasing 50-ish, that may be telling.
[Anonymous] 21:03 20.11.2023
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