Inspiring Video: Israelis recite Psalms at the site of the terror attack in Jerusalem

Hundreds of marchers recite Psalms at the scene of the murder of Eliyahu Kay, while the Arab residents listen. Will they hear?
Jewish people came spontaneously to the spot and began to somberly recite Psalms and sign for Eliahu Kay and for the well-being of those injured.


# Temple Mount # Jerusalem # Palestinian Terror
Moises Navarro 23:13 22.11.2021
When do you see a jew or Israeli blow themselves up in the name of Jehova? Never!!!!! Yeshua is the the true and loving God. But self defense must be applied were necessary!!!!
Terri Redman 20:39 22.11.2021
I pray for the peace of Israel. Through out generations they have been thru a lot. May their enemy sees the eyes of God and repent! God bless and keep Israel under your care. Shalom ğŸ•ŽğŸ™ğŸ¼
Danny Brackett 18:59 22.11.2021
God Bless Israel as a Christian I pray for Peace in Israel. Muslims are our mutual enemy Shalom 🇮🇱
Linda Lou 18:38 22.11.2021
I will pray
darrel snider 18:18 22.11.2021
Show you true faith
Nancy Dunham 18:16 22.11.2021
I Pray for that Shalom Peace in and All over Israel. Peace in the City of Our G-D.
Tony Pettitt 18:09 22.11.2021
GOD BLESS the Jewish people in Israel and deliver them from these islamic terrorist. Who have been deceived by their leaders to believe lies about Jews and Christians
Pamela Lovejoy 18:05 22.11.2021
Let's pray 🙏 they will listen.
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