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U.S. links Israel visa-waiver to West Bank travel for Palestinian-Americans

The United States expects Israel, under a visa-waiver deal being discussed between the allies, to enable free passage for Palestinian-Americans into the occupied West Bank, the U.S. ambassador said on Wednesday.

Ambassador Thomas Nides said he expected an announcement soon on whether the number of Israeli applicants refused recent requests for U.S. visas had been kept to 3% or fewer, as required for a waiver deal. Israel would also have to ratify such a deal.

"Number three, we have to be clear about reciprocity. Reciprocity will mean that Palestinian-Americans will be able to freely travel from Detroit to (Israel's main airport) Ben-Gurion to Ramallah," Nides told Ynet Radio, referring to the West Bank hub city that is the seat of Palestinian government.

"And Americans who live in Ramallah will be able to go from Ramallah to Ben-Gurion back to Detroit," he said.

Image - Reuters

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Tuin Boon 08:16 21.01.2023
Never give in to blackmail
Ellen Sampson 07:47 20.01.2023
Tell the US no. The US doesn't have Israel's or the US best interests in mind.
Jeanne Ferguson 14:45 19.01.2023
No deal
Donald Lerman 12:39 19.01.2023
Tell US No deal