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A significant reinforcement for the Jordanian Air Force

The Royal Jordanian Air Force hosted on Thursday the signing ceremony for the F-16 aircraft purchase agreement, which includes the delivery of 12 aircraft in the first phase

According to a joint American-Jordanian statement, this agreement is part of efforts to improve the kingdom's defense capabilities and increase the level of readiness for combat and joint operations with the United States.

The US State Department approved the sale deal in February 2022 with an estimated price tag of $4.21 billion. Delivery is expected in 2027.

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Rene Aguiluz 07:10 24.01.2023
Anti American President is against our Nation and Israel.
Jeanne Ferguson 23:50 21.01.2023
Not surprised that Biden would want to arm an enemy of Isreal. He is not a friend to Isreal. If you are not a supporter of Isreal you are not a friend of the USA. Can't have one without the other.
pflip521 23:04 21.01.2023
The weak link is the spineless Arab at the controls. Good aircraft.
Donald Lerman 22:51 21.01.2023
Supplying Jordan with sophisticated Aircraft is like The PA or Hamas having them in so close proximity
Tony Pettitt 19:54 21.01.2023
America should not be supplying Jordan with arms and jets they are Israelis enemies and are wanting to destroy the State and turn it into Palestine. With no Jews at all !!!!!
Michael Nicholls 19:48 21.01.2023
so they arm our enemies.You watch Biden will start a war this year to bring destruction on this earth just to stop Trump getting into power marshal Law during an event such as that.
Susan 19:31 21.01.2023
2027? Will America still be standing?
Susan 19:22 21.01.2023