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Foreign news site: The Assad regime provides Israel with intelligence information to attack Iranian sites in Syria

The news site A-Nas News reported that a Western diplomat said that Bashar al-Assad had been assisting "for a very long time", directly or through a third party, Israel by providing it with intelligence on military sites belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia in Syria, for the purpose of attacking them.

The source stressed that although Israel has excellent intelligence on the locations of the Iranian militias, Assad's partnership with Israel comes from a search for a "quick breakthrough" for the Assad regime, which will rescue him from isolation at the regional and international level, and thus bring Syria's return to the international community.

The source, who refused to reveal his name to the newspaper, referred to the growing chasm and rupture in the bilateral relations between the Assad regime and Tehran, and the rupture of trust between the two sides. Evidence of this was that the Iranian militias, he said, had increased security operations in their areas of control and treated Syrian officials more carefully.

In this context, an Israeli strategic expert revealed that Syria, during Assad's rule, does not pose any strategic threat to it, and attributed this to the strengthening of Syrian-Israeli relations through understandings between Israel and Russia.

The announcement comes as Iranian militia defense ministries witness radical changes in the structure of institutions and the appointment of new commanders, and recent press reports say Tehran has succeeded in building an integrated military security empire in the areas it controls Syria.

Meanwhile, Israeli fighter jets have escalated their military operations and attacks on sites belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia since the beginning of the year, when Israel began 2021 with three airstrikes aimed twice at Iranian sites in the Al-Kiswa area west of Damascus and the western western region of Damascus. In southern Syria.

Israeli fighter jets carried out airstrikes on sites in the rural areas of Damascus and Homs last Wednesday, attacks that were the first to be carried out by Israel after the Assad regime's fake elections at the end of last month. In this context, press reports in Israel have revealed its intention to continue attacking military sites where Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia are staying in Syria to prevent an Iranian deployment near its borders.

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Army Veteran 03:01 15.06.2021
This report could be true. Israel knows exactly where all the Iranian targets are in Syria. Just about every day the Israeli’s are hitting targets in Syria.
Mary Eavenson 02:09 15.06.2021
When it comes to a battle of wits the freeloading Palestinians are totally unarmed. As well as evil and not capable of achieving or contributing anything to their own community or family but death and
02:00 15.06.2021
Danny Brackett would you put a target on YOUR back?
Jennie Hill 01:46 15.06.2021
Who can truly know or trust where this info is coming from
darrel snider 00:29 15.06.2021
Good job I hope no citizens got hurt.
Danny Brackett 00:28 15.06.2021
Is this reliable when the source will not identify itself?
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