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Can Israel solve Europe’s gas problem?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has many looking at the eastern Mediterranean region for replacement gas to the EU, but significant challenges remain.

Could Europe look to the eastern Mediterranean region, and specifically Israel, for its natural gas needs as an alternative to buying from Russia?

While the media are reporting a renewed interest in eastern Mediterranean gas, experts interviewed by ISRAEL21c were more cautious about its prospects.

While Europe decides on its energy policies to reduce Russian dependence, Israel continues to benefit from gas exploration in its economic waters.

The Leviathan and Tamar gas fields operated by Chevron are already online. Last month, oil and gas exploration and production company Energean announced that its Karish gas field was connected to Israel’s gas network with the gas expected to start flowing to consumers later in 2022.

“We are kind of immune to these ups and downs in the global gas market that we are seeing in Europe and in Asia,” Rettig said.

“Because we have our own domestic supply, and we have an artificial competition going on between these three fields.”

Photo: The Israeli Leviathan gas rig as seen from Dor Habonim Beach Nature Reserve. Photo by Gershon Elinson/Flash90

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