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First Israeli to be wounded by Gaza rocket in Sderot to become IDF officer

Shilo Naamat was just a toddler when a Palestinian rocket hit his home 20 years ago, when there were no bomb shelters on every corner or an Iron Dome; but, the incident and his wounds only drove him to achieve his goals

Shilo Naamat was just one year and eight months old when a rocket from the Gaza Strip hit his home in the southern city of Sderot back in March 2002.

Shrapnel from the rocket moderately wounded Naamat, who was playing on the balcony of the home when the projectile landed, and was evacuated to a hospital in moderate condition.

Source: Ynet - Telegram

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RaeKat 1967 15:46 09.11.2022
May Hashem continue to bless and give him strength
CaptJinx Marine 12:47 09.11.2022
Let him push the trigger on a MERV.
Soniya Christova 12:38 09.11.2022
May the Lord God of Israel bless abd keep him and all IDF defenders as well for their so brave righteous ministry to Adonai for His own chosen nation&land Israel
Dalya Horowitz 09:17 09.11.2022
Kol Hakavod to him!