Iranian Deal
U.S. Deeply Concerned That Iran Has Not Provided Information to the IAEA

The United States on Wednesday said it was deeply concerned Iran has yet to provide the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with information the agency needs regarding its potential undeclared nuclear material, State Department spokesman Ned Price said.


The IAEA and Iran reached a three-month agreement in February cushioning the blow of Tehran's decision to reduce its cooperation with the agency by ending extra monitoring measures introduced by the 2015 deal.

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Syble Presswood 00:38 10.06.2021
Good idea, Dennis.Just pour it out on them !!
Susan Holmes 20:57 09.06.2021
I need Jesus to get rid of fallen angels. Evil invested in my home . I even got growled and even saying me. Jesus I need you
Nick Horsky 20:48 09.06.2021
Only an old fool like BIDEN thinks Iran isn't developing nukes!
Torbjørn Gjertsen 20:34 09.06.2021
Iran is capable of bringing total destruction upon themselves if they make a nuclear weapon and starts to threaten Israel.
Paul Durocher 20:30 09.06.2021
Just think what the deceiving and diabolical Islamic regime headquartered in Iran has been doing for the last few months? It’s not complicated. Trust AND verify. Not simply trust, the enemy.
Dean Davis 20:29 09.06.2021
Charles Vire -- Right on 🎯‼️
Paul Durocher 20:25 09.06.2021
Ecclesiasticus 12:10-18 KJVAAE “Never trust thine enemy: for like iron rusteth, so is his wickedness.
Charles Vire 20:22 09.06.2021
As a U.S. Marine Corps Infantrymen it’s time to take out Iran 🇮🇷 nuclear ☢️ capabilities. They pose a threat to the world 🌎!!! Now fire for effect and stop 🛑 giving them chances…. Period…
Valice Reames 20:10 09.06.2021
What kind of a fool expects Iran. Under the thumb of an ayatolla, to be forthright in reporting on anything they do?
Richard Adkins 20:03 09.06.2021
Dennis Bell 20:01 09.06.2021
I think the US and Israel should donate nuclear fuel to Iran. Bombs away
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