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US pushing Israel to reroute Jerusalem march

Gantz, Lapid sympathetic to US stance, but haven’t swayed Bennett and Barlev, who say they already rerouted similar rally with far-right MK last month.

The Biden administration has been pushing Israel to re-route the controversial Jerusalem Day Flag March away from the Damascus Gate and Muslim Quarter of the Old City, an Israeli official told The Times of Israel on Wednesday.

As reported by The Times of Israel
Image source: (Ahmad Gharabli/AFP)

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Pamela Hackner 14:29 26.05.2022
Biden should mide his own business, reminds me of Obama tell Israelis where and where they can use roads in Israel some years ago.
Dalya Horowitz 13:47 26.05.2022
That would be great, except then you would have Harris, an even dumber idiot.
Dino trump 10:27 26.05.2022
Tell Biden to Die
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