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BREAKING: CENTCOM Helicopter raid in Northern Syria captures ISIS official

NEWSRAEL: Reports lately from Syria have said that US CENTCOM forces have been using helicopters much more on raids against ISIS and it seems they are becoming proficient in quick missions in which they arrive, operate against their target, and leave before anyone notices or can respond. 

TAMPA, Fla. – U.S. Central Command forces conducted a successful helicopter raid in northern Syria on September 28, 2023, capturing Mamduh Ibrahim al-haji Shaykh, an ISIS Facilitator.

No civilians were injured or killed during this operation.

USCENTCOM remains committed to the enduring defeat of ISIS,” said Lt. Col. Troy Garlock, CENTCOM spokesperson.

A high-ranking ISIS collaborator was captured in northern Syria during a raid, U.S. Central Command confirmed Saturday.

Mamduh Ibrahim al-haji Shaykh was captured on Thursday after a successful helicopter raid conducted in collaboration with U.S. Syrian Kurdish fighters.

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03:26 01.10.2023
What’s to be done with him? Is it going to be put in Guantánamo Bay in later released? That seems to be the pattern.
23:29 30.09.2023
US CENTCOM, excellent. Now prepare for the terrorists revenge attack. Be ready!
kevin mahaney 22:23 30.09.2023
Why don't they go after the REAL LEADER OF ISIS, OBAMA!!!
19:03 30.09.2023
The successful rate was performed israeli style
Syble Presswood 18:53 30.09.2023
Amen !
Isabella Grossman 17:53 30.09.2023
US CENTCOM forces have learned from the best: The IDF - go in, focus on target and get out
17:38 30.09.2023
Well done, that the way to do it continuously until the world get rid of these rats.