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Haley concerned over drop in Christian support for Israel

'We have to remind everyone why Israel matters, why America-Israeli alliance is so strong'

Former US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said in an interview with i24NEWS on Monday that she was concerned with a slight drop in support for Israel among American Christians. 

Commenting on recent surveys indicating a decrease in support toward the Jewish state, especially among young Christians in the United States, Haley said she wanted everyone to share her love for Israel.  

Source: i24 News - Image - JESSICA MCGOWAN/GETTY IMAGES 

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Jesus Manuel 21:19 20.07.2022
Ronald Smith 15:58 20.07.2022
Through Jesus Christ we are grafted in to the Jewish family under the tree of Judah
13:46 20.07.2022
Well who is teaching the young?
Susan 09:49 20.07.2022
I sport the Star of David & the cross together as to hopefully pu conversations, a Zionist!
Susan 09:47 20.07.2022
I wholeheartedly agree, I am constantly telling others about Israel relas tionship w US should b strong bit not only the youth ar e illiterate to God's word but most seniors can't so I keep preachin