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Arab Bedouins kidnap a Jewish man amid shocking extortion attempt in the Negev

These comments are from a police indictment - pay attention to the harsh descriptions and threats!

Four residents of Tel Sheva and the Bedouin diaspora kidnapped a resident of Eilat, tortured him and tried to blackmail his family. Notice what they said to his brother on the phone

"By 12:00 your brother is dead, inform the police, whistleblower, your brother is dead, there is no body, you are next in line

"If you don't pay the money by 12, I will kill him for you and you will complain, do what you want, maniac. Your brother is with me, every time you move out of place I will burn him with a truck tire and show you how he suffers. 

In short, bring 350 thousand if you don't want I will hang your brother on a traffic light without a neck, cut off his head and shoot him all in pieces.

The end of the Jews has come. Don't think about Hamas. We will blow up everything in the country. We are more. We are the force.

An indictment was filed against them for their actions.

Source: Ariel Idan - Twitter

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Donald Lerman 05:03 10.01.2023
Palestinian Arabs..Bediun Arabs Israei Arabs all add up to a 5th Colum. Rabbi Kahana was right all along repatriate them all to any of the current. 22 Arab Nations..& Do it quickly!
Jenny Ohayon 04:39 10.01.2023
The most important information about the welfare of the man is left out.
Diane Sweetman 04:23 10.01.2023
Was the kidnapped man found and released ? Would be nice to have that info…
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