Arab Crime Wave in Israel
"The Negev is under emergency": the heads of the municipalities met for a special discussion of the growing crime

The heads of Jewish and Bedouin municipalities met today (Tuesday) in the office of Beer Sheva Mayor Rubik Danilovich, discussing on rising crime in the southern district and the lack of sense of security in the area.

At the beginning of the meeting, which was initiated by Welfare Minister Meir Cohen, Danilovich said that the issue should not be political, and called to unite in the fight against crime.

"Nobody wants crime. Nobody wants to be bothered by their daughters. Nobody wants to be robbed and hurt. Things have to be put on the table," Danilovich said.

Salameh al-Atrash, head of the Bedouin al-Qassum Regional Council,  addressed crime in Bedouin society and claimed that part of the crime among young people was due to neglect of localities and rising unemployment in the sector.

"The solution lies in a government that needs to invest in the Bedouin villages and thus earn human capital. Instead of having doctors, engineers and high-tech employees, we have criminals".

Photo: Walla!News

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