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WATCH: Florida sermon: Don’t let the Zionists convince you that you’re the bad guy

"Do Palestinians have nothing better to do than to rape the women of the Jews? Muslims can marry up to four women, we don’t need anyone else."

In his October 13, 2023 Friday sermon at the Boca Raton Islamic Center, Husam Kablawi discussed the events of the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel. 

He said that the lesson from the attack is that Muslims should be proud of their religion and the Islamic nation “regardless of the attempts of the Zionist movement to manipulate you and convince you that you are the bad guy.” 

He continued to say that he cannot be convinced that the pious Palestinian brothers and sisters are killing babies and raping women. Kablawi added: “Like they have nothing better to do than to rape the women of the Jews.” 

He said that Muslims are allowed to marry up to four women, so they do not need anyone else. 

Husam Kablawi (also spelled Hussam Kablawi) is the former president of the Florida International University Muslim Students Association (FIU MSA). 

The sermon was uploaded to Boca Raton Channel on YouTube.

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Barbara Press 21:58 24.02.2024
Muslim commands LYING “Taqqiya” to the non-believers or “infidels” in order to further Islams agenda
[Anonymous] 11:07 24.02.2024
I know they cant publish the photos and videos of those events due to respect but Sometime for this reason i wish they could. Inform the world of the evel that is happening.
Mindy Chotiner 11:07 24.02.2024
It is time that the West finally understands the mentality of the Arabs!! They lie. That is their first reaction to everything!! Why do you think you can change this?? They need to be GONE!
[Anonymous] 03:40 24.02.2024
Felicia Kesten 03:03 24.02.2024
Everything is based on a story that they created. You say a lie long enough, eventually people will believe you.
Felicia Kesten 03:02 24.02.2024
Every event, accusation that they are accused of, is a lie to them. Really!!! They are never wrong and always deny the words of accusers. Therefore, they need to lie. They are expert liars.
[email protected] 02:30 24.02.2024
IGNORANCE and DENIAL. It must be written in their Koran and that is why it has so many teachers and followers!
[Anonymous] 02:28 24.02.2024
Yes, a lying idiot.
Aaron A 02:17 24.02.2024
Religion of liars, rapists, baby killers, and terrorists. That’s who they are it’s in their dna and they worship Satan.
[Anonymous] 02:10 24.02.2024
Sandy Grant 02:02 24.02.2024
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