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BREAKING - VIDEO: American Spy balloon downed in northern Syria

JUST IN! - An unknown group has been able to shoot down a USA spy balloon.

The balloon was shot down near the Remilan base, and according to the video seems quite intact, probably including the devices on it.

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[Anonymous] 09:26 16.05.2024
Yes, it turned out the “China” ballon that went across the USA was actually also a USA spy balloon. Biden hide that news from Americans.
Joe Cross 19:20 15.05.2024
Dumb ass move by the military. It should have been destroyed as it was going down.
Steve Jensen 18:37 15.05.2024
Der, so like the top secret Reaper drones, they fly the balloon over hostile territory with top secret equipment, it gets shot down & Iran copies the top secret equipment. Fucking dumb as dumb can be!
Steve Jensen 18:34 15.05.2024
The US has become next to useless! Everything they do, touch, or associate with, they fuck up, cause chaos, leave a trail of destruction, or harm or betray someone!
Aliza Circle 17:05 15.05.2024
Thanks to Joe It's probably China or Russia. He's the only thing who associate with those countries. Can't wait until he leave office and Trump would take his place.
[Anonymous] 16:45 15.05.2024
DEI infection in military.
[Anonymous] 16:15 15.05.2024
Probably loaded with some help
[Anonymous] 15:56 15.05.2024
The Obiden outfit can’t be trusted, so it’s probably ours. Sad to say.
[Anonymous] 15:44 15.05.2024
Any spying device,especially if it’s equipped with TS imagery should be also equipped with a Self Destructive bomb!!
ronald singer 15:43 15.05.2024
Didn’t our forces think it would be shot down ?
Sandra Kennedy 15:42 15.05.2024
Now you lost that technology! Can’t believe it is US- maybe China?
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