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Trump vs. Biden: "Stuck a knife in Israel's back and betrayed it"

The former American president was interviewed by the "Republican Jewish Coalition" that meets in Las Vegas. On the nuclear deal: "I unilaterally withdrew from it and imposed the harshest sanctions ever". On the relationship with Israel: "At the moment the alliance with the US is not as strong as in the past"

Former US President Donald Trump, said last night (Saturday) that "I will never allow the State of Israel to be threatened with nuclear annihilation, as is happening now. We cannot let the nuclear deal happen - this deal is a disaster, it is a death certificate for Israel."

Trump said the words in a Zoom appearance before the "Republican Jewish Coalition" (RJC), which is meeting in Las Vegas. In addition, the former president attacked his successor in office, Joe Biden, in very harsh words, and claimed that he "stuck a knife in Israel's back, betrayed her and sold her security".

Source: Israel Hayom - Telegram

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Emma Davidson 04:41 21.11.2022
When Mr Trump was our president the whole world benefited. The liberals cause all the problems in the whole world. We need him again to save from the dissaster we have now. Please, vote for him
G MAN 23:17 20.11.2022
The One who keeps Israel will not slumber or sleep. ps.121-
Patsy Webb 20:27 20.11.2022
I don’t really care for President Trump, but I do love his policies as far as Israel is  concerned  but I do respect him as our president yesterday and to come God bless America
Soniya Christova 14:45 20.11.2022
Amen let Trump return back&stop Obama's antiSemitic pro-tertorists policy as Iranian deal, BDS,but must stop islamic tertotistts illegal occupation&contant terror&annex plots of PA state in Israel
Robin Murphy 14:20 20.11.2022
And yes Trump was right for saying this about Biden and the rest of the Democrat party too
13:35 20.11.2022
God will never allow Israel to be destroyed. 🙏🏻❤️
Jeanne Ferguson 13:26 20.11.2022
Trump is right.
Tuin Boon 13:20 20.11.2022
What ever one’s opinion is about Trump in respect to dealings with Israel he is correct.
oda755 American 13:17 20.11.2022
TRUMP, is the only one can bring America out of this corrupt government. Bless Trump
Lynda Sizemore 13:16 20.11.2022
Our Judaeo-Christian NATION (USA)
Lynda Sizemore 13:13 20.11.2022
Trump is well aware of the scriptures saying those who hate Israel will be cursed. Americans need to beware hating Israel & stop the carnage before our great Judaeo - Christian falls to more curses.
C & 13:10 20.11.2022
President Trump is correct! This illegitimate admin regime has to go!!!👹 Oklahoma USA here standing strong for Israel and USA, praying for our nations! 🥰🙏✝️🇺🇸❤️🇮🇱 God bless and protect Israel!
13:09 20.11.2022
They called themJudaizers Rome Catholicism is always hated the Jew Bidens religion doesn’t care about Israel Trump is right my prayer for new leader🇮🇱Restore Peace security and Trump 4🇺🇸4🇮🇱