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HRW Accuses Israel of War Crimes

Yet another HRW (Human Rights Watch) report was published accusing Israel of war crimes. As always, there is no coherent methodology or fact-finding standards. HRW cherry-picked 3 incidents that fit their predetermined, long-standing political narrative.

HRW relies on “eyewitness accounts” to determine Hamas/PIJ presence and membership. But Hamas warned Gazans not to tell NGOs/media about rocket sites and tunnels. Of course, HRW still assumes they're getting all the facts.

In addition, at least 1 of HRW's 4 incidents involved Palestinian rockets that fell short.

But, Perhaps most absurd, HRW claims there was no evidence of tunnels under the street Israel targeted. Even the New York Times report concluded that damage was consistent with Israeli claims.

This HRW "investigative" report has one clear goal: Make a case against Israel at the ICC.

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Justice Sunday 04:27 29.07.2021
It is written in the book of the law, so relax and rejoice because victory is always the LORD God of Israel according to His word
21:06 28.07.2021
Anton Andersen:John 8:44,they are like their father the devil,there is no truth in him or them for he and they speak falsehood
Dennis Bell 20:24 28.07.2021
HRW needs to be sued at den Hague for misconduct. They and their buildings need to be raised.
John Tucker 20:09 28.07.2021
Israel has NEVER been involved or committed not one war crime against humanity. They are the only nation to call the enemy before the attack to warn civilian's.
Soniya Christova 19:05 28.07.2021
May the living only true God the righteous Judge arise to defend Israel and returt judgement to justice when revenge to islamists terrorists &lawless united with them so unjust ungodly deceitfucourt
darrel snider 18:50 28.07.2021
I see war crimes against islamic and palestinians and hamas, and rest around Israel Syria, Russia and rest
Soniya Christova 18:39 28.07.2021
Only lawless united with islamic terrorosts partial immoral and unjust judges and lawless addicted of pakestinians tertorisrs court can judge victims instead islamists criminals -so unjust&perverted
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