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Who was tougher on 'settlements' - Obama or Biden?

Bennett's outgoing party manager makes a claim that some believe history doesn't support.

Outgoing Yamina manager Shimrit Meir commented on the Biden administration's stance on construction in Judea and Samaria to Yediot Aharonot. "The issue of settlements is much more important to [US President Joe] Biden than [former US President Barack] Obama. 

It's something they consider a borderline war crime. They really don't like settlements, because they need the 'progressive base', which is moving to the left. Biden himself does not like settlements at all. I was at the forefront of this matter with the Americans, and it was extremely unpleasant. I was called for rebuke on Friday afternoon at times."

Walla! News journalist Barak Ravid took to Twitter to denounce the assertion.

"I read the first part of the interview with Shimrit Meir and I came across this passage in her remarks about the Biden administration being tougher on the settlement issue than the Obama administration during the Netanyahu era. The truth is I was amazed by this claim of Shimrit Meir that is, to put it plainly, nonsense."

"The Obama administration and the Netanyahu government negotiated a 10-month construction freeze. The Obama administration also demanded a freeze on construction in eastern Jerusalem. This was one of the reasons for the crisis during Vice President Biden's visit in 2010.

Source: INN

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La Jun 21:06 01.07.2022
Don't you know? Obama is the one running this fraudulent government? He think he won't caught but he will before end of this year
Jeane Frady 21:04 01.07.2022
Settlements should not be the concern of American. Especially this bungling fraudulent White House squatter.
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