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WATCH: 'Oh, God!' Hot mic catches surprised reaction during Buttigieg interview on 'The View'

Co-host Sunny Hostin asked why the successes of the Biden and Harris presidency don't appear to be 'resonating with the country'

If even the VIP Dems are fed up with the same old empty talk by the Biden administration, you can imagine what the voters are feeling.

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02:57 01.10.2023
What infrastructure legislation
Syble Presswood 02:13 01.10.2023
Bottom line,The democrats God is money and power !
terrence przybylski 22:47 30.09.2023
The liberal Godless pagan socialist democrats are so evil, you can't be a true follower of Jesus Christ and vote Democrat.
22:35 30.09.2023
It’s amazing that these Satanists still call out to God when in extreme panic. But I guess their God is not the same as ours.