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NEWSRAEL "Iron Swords" News Summary: Feb 12 - Morning

Our news summary brings you the latest IMPORTANT UPDATES that are not in our longer reports.

- The IDF spokesman addressed the abductees: "If you are listening - we will not miss a single opportunity to return you home"

Yaron Blum, former coordinator of the prisoners and the missing: "An impressive operation. It brings the delusional demands of Hamas back into proportion. Perhaps in the coming days Hamas will try to manipulate to show that it has the upper hand. I think this will bring them back to the negotiations."

- The former head of the MLA, Brigadier General Yaakov Nagel, on the IDF's entry into Rafah: "We are reaching a situation that is impossible without it - there are 4 active Hamas battalions there, so we have to do it. including the occupation of the Philadelphia axis. You don't have to stay there afterwards, but without that you can't complete the cabinet's mission in Gaza"

- During the operation: the US was informed by Israeli officials about the progress of the rescue operation of the kidnapped.

- Idan Bjarno, the son-in-law of Louis Herr, who was rescued this morning in Rafah from captivity together with Fernando Merman: "At 3:00 AM they told us - they are in our hands, you will arrive at Tel Hashomer. Louis is undergoing tests, looks pale and a bit shaken. He was interested in our situation, what about The grandchildren. He didn't even forget that it's my birthday today."

- The deputy director of Sheba Hospital, Dr. Yael Frankel Nir, where the two abductees Louis Har and Fernando Merman were taken in and released: "They arrived at us at 3 am, their condition seems good. We are performing tests on them and are expected to accompany them in the coming days"

Idan Bejarno, the son-in-law of Louis Herr, who was rescued tonight, on the first meeting: "We received a phone call that could have been a conversation of death. We met, without talking, more hugs and tears - we hope it will be a happy day with good news for all the people of Israel"

- Defense Minister Galant on the rescue of the abductees: "Together with the Prime Minister and the senior command, I followed the operation from the PAK. We will continue to fulfill our commitment to return the abductees"

- UK Maritime Trade Agency: A report was received of an incident 74 nautical km south of El Mocha in Yemen.

- LAW missile, remnants of firing from a mag and ammunition: many weapons were exposed in the background of a shootout between local crime families in the Juarish neighborhood in Ramla - the commander of the center district of Kiyam assesses the situation.

- The world record holder in the marathon, Kelvin Kiptum from Kenya, was killed at the age of 24, in a car accident.

- Hiding their identity - so that they will not be attacked: Recently, cruise ships moving in the Red Sea broadcast the message "We have no connection with Israel", so that the rebels would not attack them. Today, a cruise ship broadcast on surveillance software - "all the crew are Muslims"

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