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Israel Offers Prayers, Aid to US Communities Shattered by Tornadoes

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel says it is ready to help the families ravaged by several deadly tornadoes in Kentucky over the weekend.

“Sending thoughts & prayers to all those affected by the devastating tornadoes that hit several US states, especially the people of Kentucky,” Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett tweeted. “Israel is ready to offer any assistance needed.”

Mike Herzog, Israel’s ambassador to the US also tweeted: “Our heartfelt condolences to those who lost loved ones in last night's devastating storms, and wishes of a speedy recovery to the wounded. Israel stands together with the American people and is ready to offer any assistance needed.”

Tornadoes ripped through six states in the Midwest and South over the weekend, killing dozens and leveling entire communities.

There were more than a dozen confirmed deaths in Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee, but those numbers are expected to rise. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear warns that his state’s death toll alone could exceed 100.

One tornado went on a 250-mile path of destruction, likely breaking a nearly 100-year-old record for how long a tornado stayed on the ground.

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Bobby Barnett 15:16 13.12.2021
Israel you are truly a good friend may God bless you and protect you
Alma Deleon 13:34 13.12.2021
Thank you Israel for helping Kentucky.... p.s. our nation.
Ronyyy 0007 12:08 13.12.2021
I was in the Middle East from 2009 to 2012 as a government and a military contractor master electrician I witnessed what the Israeli people deal with everyday being surrounded by hatred my prayers
Lawrence Shockley 12:05 13.12.2021
Thank you Israel for helping out with the disaster in Kentucky