Operation "Breaking Dawn"
BREAKING: Rocket barrage at Israel [VIDEO of IDF attack]

Another shorter rocket attack on the south of Israel.

In one video attached, you can see that journalists sit on the roof of a building, waiting for IDF attacks to film and sell to the Western media.

# Operation "Breaking Dawn"
Bobby Barnett 20:34 06.08.2022
The Lord is coming back soon pray up look up were going up
Patricia Maple 20:10 05.08.2022
Pray for forgiveness get right with the lord
Phillip Avalos 20:01 05.08.2022
Jesus is coming back!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻✡️✡️
Rolf Storz 19:55 05.08.2022
Very interesting
19:53 05.08.2022
Wars and rumors of war.
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