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Poll: Trump 2024 support remains consistent, DeSantis on the rise

Breitbart reports that support for a potential Donald Trump 2024 presidential bid has remained relatively steady over the last year and a half, data from a Morning Consult survey found.

While the survey asserts that Trump’s support has “dipped” in recent months, it is exactly as the survey taken in May 2021, with 48 percent of GOP voters supporting him. 

He had reached a high of 57 percent in August 2022, only to dip back down to 48 percent in November, Breitbart explained.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has not overtly indicated an intention of running for president in 2024, but support for him has risen since May 2021, when he polled at eight percent. Now, 26 percent said they would support him in a 2024 Republican presidential primary. 


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Patsy Webb 18:38 14.11.2022
 God loves all of his children. God’s WILL on this earth and heaven will be done  if it’s DeSantis or Trump my vote will be for DeSantis if we’re fortunate enough for him to run. Thank you DeSantis.
David Beirne 11:07 14.11.2022
I don’t think GOD is big on arrogance…actually I have read that HE isn’t in the Bible. Loved what GOD did through Trump because it was GOD not Trump who brought about Abraham Accords
David Beirne 11:05 14.11.2022
Really you heard that from GOD? Are you a prophet? Did HE audibly speak to you!!! Its time for Trump to step down
05:09 14.11.2022
Triple D 19:08 13.11.2022
Trump is our elected President and DeSantis needs to stay in his lane and this I heard from God
18:41 13.11.2022
I believe DeSantis is more solid and stable
Ronald White 18:38 13.11.2022
Jeanne Ferguson 18:38 13.11.2022
I'll vote for DeSantis. This is making the Dems happy by splitting the Republican party. If Trump would back DeSantis the Dems wouldn't stand a chance.
Alvin Romero 18:35 13.11.2022
DeSantis is right for Florida 👍🏼
Alvin Romero 18:33 13.11.2022
I like DeSantis! But Trump needs to be Our Elected President. DeS