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The Bar Mitzvah Party That Will Never be Forgotten

Beautiful moment in Israel:

A 13 year old was celebrating his Bar-Mitzvah tonight (Wednesday), as his classmates decided to boycott him and not show up to the party. The kid was extremely sad by this, and as a result his family decided to post about the Bar Mitzvah on social media and invite the entirety of the people of Israel.

The story of the sad Bar Mitzvah boy started spreading rapidly, and in no time hundreds of Israelis, complete strangers from near and far, showed up to the party, danced, sang and made the boy happy.

Among the guests who have answered the call and arrived at the Bar Mitzvah party are the children's star "Tiltil" and the famous singer Maor Gamliel.

When you're in Israel, you're never alone!


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Holly Salgueiro 00:38 01.07.2021
Amazing! Shalom, God bless!!!!❣️🥰❣️🥰❣️🥰
Anna Payton 00:26 01.07.2021
Praise GOD, this is awesome
Randy Abramovitz 00:15 01.07.2021
Mybe hecshiuldn't be living in Ramallah? ; )
Sandra Shaeffer 00:13 01.07.2021
Awe nothing like answer prayer. 🙌🙏💗💗
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