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Elbit Systems to participate at India’s top aerospace and defense exhibition

AeroIndia will take place next week and include both visual and interactive displays of Elbit solutions

Elbit Systems announced that it will participate in AeroIndia, India’s premier aerospace and defence exhibition in Bengaluru, between Feburary 13th-17th 2023 with both visual and interactive displays of its solutions.

Elbit Systems is considered a trusted partner of the Indian Ministry of Defence and the Indian Armed Forces, with a technological legacy of close to 70 years, well known for its groundbreaking military solutions that have supported dramatic changes on the battlefield.

The company will present a range of defense and military solutions that address current and emerging operational needs with cutting edge technology. Some of the solutions in its portfolio include UASs, aerial and ground precise guided munitions, electronic warfare, avionics systems, land and naval solutions, and more.

Image - Elbit Systems

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