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Al-Jadid newspaper: An Israeli military delegation recently visited Egypt

Informed sources told the Arab newspaper Al-Jadid this morning that a high-level Israeli military delegation led by the head of the Armed Forces, Major General Aharon Halouia, had recently arrived for talks with Egyptian mediators and senior military officials.

The conversations focused on three important issues. According to the report, the Israeli delegation asked the mediators to act to promote a prisoner and missing persons deal in the near future.

The second issue that the delegations dealt with was the armament of the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip with advanced weapons. According to the report, in Israel they expressed their anger at the firing of sterling missiles (2nd generation) at the Air Force planes last week, and called on Egypt to expand and tighten its control of the borders in order to prevent arms smuggling into the Gaza Strip via Sinai.

The third and main issue, according to the report, dealt with military cooperation between Israel and Egypt in the early detection of Iranian and other aircraft. Sources revealed that Egypt assisted, among other things, in early detection of the drones that were shot down in March last year.

In the a-Naba newspaper of the ISIS terrorist organization, they added that Israel and Egypt are working together against the ISIS in Sinai.

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