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Must See Video!: Bibi on Jerusalem

Benjamin Netanyahu on Israel’s UNDENIABLE Ancient Claim to Jerusalem

In this short clip from the Watchman Newscast, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu shares what he’ll do to strengthen Israel’s control over its ancient and ancestral capital, Jerusalem—and why Israel’s claim to Jerusalem is undeniable.

Source: Watchman Newscast/Youtube

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14:55 02.02.2023
As the Jewish people know: “ although the Moshiach may tarry I will await his arrival every day! Kollel Israel loves HASHEM and knows the Creator Of The Universe will not forsake his people! It’s near
13:28 02.02.2023
Israel is God’s property
Tuin Boon 10:01 02.02.2023
Jeruzalem as undivided capital of the Jewish state is and will remain the discussion stumbling stone for all nations of the earth
John Whitcombe 06:37 02.02.2023
From the river to the sea and from the Heavens above to Earth below and from North to East as it is from South to West. Is all Zionist. The Nazarene ✝️ is coming to conquer again.