Iran Deal
MUST SEE Video: Mark Levin interview with Bibi Netanyahu on the terrible Biden Deal with Iran, Bennett's timidness

"Once you allow a predatory, a rouge theocratic regime like this have nuclear weapons they can use them in two ways:

One, they can threaten you directly with atomic bombs
Secondly, they have a nuclear umbrella which is what you just mentioned to threaten you with conventional weapons like regular missiles or terrorists or anything else.

I think it changes history.

And that's why I took the unusual step of coming to the congress and speaking there, something that it was not easy to do and I think it's important to prevent Iran from having those means. 

And by the way if you want to understand how bad this deal is, it not only gives Iran the freedom with an international legitimacy to enrich uranium in an unlimited quantity, with much more sophisticated centrifuges in just a few years, but it gives the money an enormous amount of money to boot!"

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09:23 22.03.2022
Biden was paid of to hurt Israel Don’t trust him Hashem will protect his family shalom be to Israel I love my family
Robert McMaster 06:25 22.03.2022
If anyone in the world understands middle east politics, and has his mind knowing what is going on in and around Israel. The law of the Lo_d will come out of Israel. Peace and love for the Jews and al
Albert Rofe 20:06 21.03.2022
Oil is king.Jews are expendable
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