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MYSTERIOUS: A senior Syrian officer in the ranks of the Republican Guard Division died under hidden circumstances

Sources loyal to the Syrian regime mourned a senior officer in the Republican Guard division, after he was killed in the city of Aleppo under undisclosed circumstances.

News networks loyal to the Syrian regime said that Lt. Col. Iyad Ali al-Issa was killed in Aleppo, on May 23, during what they called "fulfilling his national duty."

Issa is from the village of al-Rumaila in the rural area of the city of Jabal, in Latakia governorate.

The sources did not specify any additional information about the circumstances of Al-Issa's death, and the Syrian regime does not officially refer to attacks on its forces, while loyal Facebook pages refer to the loss of soldiers and security personnel as a result of these attacks.

NEWSRAEL: Lt. Col. Iyad Ali al-Issa is added to a long list of top Syrian commanders, many of the rank of General who have been murdered in the last 2 years.

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