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Arab Sources: Biden waited for Lapid's term as Prime Minister

The reality of replacing Prime Minister Bennett with Lapid not only changes the government internally and the internal political and domestic implications of Israel, but also brings with it different meanings in the context of foreign relations and Israeli diplomacy vis-à-vis world countries, most notably the United States and the Biden administration.

As you may recall, US President Joe Biden is scheduled to arrive in Israel on July 13 and he is expected to be received by the Israeli Prime Minister.

According to Arab sources, the Americans waited with the good news on their part, such as a consulate in Jerusalem, until Lapid's tenure as prime minister. Lapid also appears in the eyes of the United States as a more comfortable prime minister for Biden's democratic administration and more left-wing on the political map.

Thus, the Americans estimate that the various declarations on their part, whether at the consulate or on the part of a two-state solution, will be simpler and easier to accept if the Israeli government is in Lapid's hands and control than Bennett.

Source: Channel 14 News - Photo: Reuters

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11:07 21.06.2022
Why on earth would You let this incompetent fool Biden in your country. He is a cancer.
La Jun 22:18 20.06.2022
His dead is coming this summer
Anna Payton 20:12 20.06.2022
Biden is not President, just because you steal something doesn't mean it's yours, watch out Israel the communist Biden crime family is coming for you, and now you have a leader that will help him.
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